Some Poker Thoughts

Some time that I have not fulfilled my duties as a perfect blogger, but tonight I have to write this post, I am a man who keeps his promises. Good start with the first part of the title, it is always better to do things in order. I am not a big consumer of blogs, which is why I do not seek absolute hearing for mine. Without slandering what they do, I do not have much time, I’d rather take a job, to browse the web to find the regular blog that fascinates me. So, I go to the blogs of friends met in the clubs that I frequented, like South Poker, Poker Player 16 Poker Club Paris, the Poker Club of the French capital.

The first blog frequented by yours truly, that of John Mossy, a senior member of my club poker and player met first in Las Vegas. John is a very good player, he has already made some great results in live events and whenever I have the opportunity to discuss with him, I have a great time. So, I advise you to do likewise.

Second blog in the spotlight for me is that of Holdem fan, met in parts at the EPT, very good player lives and online, author of a paid up at the WSOP, something not so common, at least in my circle of poker friends. Well, George has a hectic job and even less than me. But he is a great guy for the little I know, a draw poker fan and I do not exclude that variation from my interests.

Then come the blog of maniac, a well-known blogger, whom I also met through my poker clubs in the South. I recently discovered that of his posts are top notch, I do not know personally, but what little I saw of his blog, I like the tone. His regularly updated blog is very honest, unvarnished, full of humility and self-mockery. Maniaco last night during one of our many chats MSN, has been the source of the theory of the aquarium that I discovered and invented last night.

Maniaco is a very, very good player online, who makes regular final tables in MTT, who is doing quite well in cash games despite a lack of rigor in the management of his bankroll. But that’s not the point. So, he often reaches in the money at MTT large series (such GSOP, FTOPS WCOOP, etc. …), near the final table and chip leader and often in the top 10 then he collapses at the end of the tournament and leaves regularly at places of honor because he brings a great deal of personal satisfaction but not the expected monetary return.

Returning to the theory in the MTT, maniaco swims at full speed in the middle of other fish, leaving his fishing rod and catching fish to be hungry. He reaches the edge, ready to leave the aquarium up to the camp of the winners (or fishing). He is on his lip, happy, bananas, carefree, already thinking about what to do with his money, what will be his life on the other side. Now he has unrestricted access to fish. In his sweet dreams, he does not blunder, slip on the rim because he does not think of what he is doing, share in a 3-bet in tank battle with a monster like JT and finds out after a harsh confrontation he is against the aces, inevitably unfair, with the chip leader.

And then reality comes back, he slips to the bottom of the aquarium with other fish having one thing in mind: to go back to the ledge and finally get to learn from this aquarium. I know that with more discipline, better sense of timing, and the elimination of the spew attitude, maniaco becomes the shark that he should already be and will rub shoulders above the aquarium where fish like me continue living.

More Poker Thoughts

Dialing it in… I’m starting to get Omaha8 dialed in. I’m enjoying the challenge of learning the game, although I admit it’s been a bit of a struggle at times (I expected it to be easier than it’s actually turned out to be).

One of the biggest problem areas for me has been finding the right balance for post-flop aggression. When I first started playing I was way too passive (due in no small part to the fact I really wasn’t sure what I was doing yet) …as I became more comfortable with O8 I began to become more and more aggressive and quickly crossed over into chip spewing land. I was still playing hold’em, trying to bully my opponents out of the pot which just doesn’t work in low limit O8.

I’m now in the process of reigning in my overall aggression and instead of firing chips wildly into the pot, I am looking for more tactical spots to apply some focused aggression (ex: finding good spots for promo raises, etc.) I am starting to think and play like an O8 player (rather than a hold’em player) and my results have begun to show some promise (which is a nice change of pace). I have still got a lot to learn though, lol.

Interesting Poker Thoughts

I am writing my goals for 2012, with the New Year weekend upon us I thought I would mention a few goals…

1.Become a better O8 player, this is kind of obvious. I’d like to be playing at the 10/20 & 15/30 level by mid-year or the end of summer.

2.Eat healthy and exercise more (lose at least 25 pounds). This one is obvious too, well needed and better late than never. I need to reduce my gravitational field; small objects have begun to orbit around me which is annoying as hell. A bigger mass has more gravitational power I guess.

3.Blog more. If for no other reason than to entertain myself, and hopefully my readers too. If you like online poker, then you might find something interesting to read as this is the topic of this blog.