Online Poker Myths

The cards dealt in online pokers room aren’t random.


In reality, the cards that are dealt in an online poker room are probably more random than you’d find in a poker club or at a casino. Poker sites use some of the most complex random card generator software applications to be found anywhere.

Once the hole cards are dealt, the deck remains randomized until the flop. The software will then generate 3 cards before randomizing again for the turn and once more for the river.

Thus, it is fairly easy to prove that the cards are not predetermined in any shape or form even at the start of a hand.

In the past, online poker software was much easier to predict and many players were able to read into the pack to guess which cards were coming next. The advances in software technology have eliminated this possibility to achieve a more balanced overall game.

Online poker is fixed. There are many more 4-of-a-kinds and straight flushes beating a full house


Better hands are more frequent in online poker because more hands are being played. Visit a poker club or a casino and the action is considerably slower. Because online players are usually up against a clock in online poker, there is less time to think things over before making a play.

Statistically, you may see around 250 hands being played at a real-life table over the course of an evening. Stay on a single table in an online poker room for an evening and you will witness around 1250 hands being played in a similar amount of time.

Strong hands will appear more frequently but when viewed as a percentage of hands played, the amount of 4-of-a-kinds, straight flushes and royal flushes will be no different to a land-based table.

Poker sites create more action in some hands to make more money.


A popular belief is that high-action hands involving multiple players make more money for the house because larger pots maximize the rake. In fact, online poker sites tend to make less money on these hands because larger pots maximize the rake much quicker, often before the flop has been laid.

These hands tend to take longer to play especially as players use up all of their thinking time, so there is actually a longer period where the house is making nothing at all.

I sometimes find myself playing against robots.


There is no doubt that poker bots exist and many players use them in the hope of making money from poker without having to sit at a table all night. Usually, players will only use these bots for long enough to realize they aren’t actually making any money from them!

Poker is a game of very random information whereas computers and robots tend to stick to solid rules. Because players bluff and betting patterns tend to be very random in online poker, it is impossible for poker bots to gather any credible information to provide a winning edge.

Professional players have consistently wiped the floor with advanced computer systems that boast significantly superior technology to an average bot. Also, online software is finding it easier to detect bots nowadays and more accounts are getting deleted through players cheating, serving a strong warning to anybody who may consider using a robot themselves.

Players are using multiple accounts to increase their chances in tournaments.


Unfortunately, there are players who are using more than one account to offer themselves a better chance in prestigious poker tournaments. Thankfully, these players are becoming much easier to detect for most online poker sites and not only are these players losing their accounts, but their winnings from tournaments where multiple entries have been used are being revoked.

Other players can hack into my hole cards.


The data that determines your hole cards is only available locally to your own PC. This data is not returned to the server until a showdown takes place or every other player has folded.

Some years ago, Absolute Poker suffered problems with hackers which may be the reason why so many online poker players won’t completely trust the security of site software. Thankfully, improved technology has rendered hacking into your hole cards impossible.

Players in online poker rooms are working together


There are many ways that groups of players can operate as a unit to give themselves an unfair advantage. These players can communicate by instant messenger, telephone or being in the same room as their cohorts.

However, such practices may not be as common as originally thought. Hand histories are regularly monitored by online poker sites and advanced software can soon tell if certain players are spending a questionable amount of time at the same tables. If such events are flagged by the software, accounts are closed immediately. Often, money that has been won from a player by unfair means will be returned to their accounts.

I always lose money after cashing out.


Sites don’t penalize players because they’ve cashed out. The house is making money on the rake and the amount in your account is totally irrelevant to them.

Poker is a game that is subject to many different fluctuations. Winning streaks that lead to a healthy withdrawal are just as likely to become losing streaks and these changes in luck are simply part of the game.

I can’t win because of bad players.


Possibly the most amusing myth of them all! There are many reasons why players can lose at poker but being surrounded by bad players definitely isn’t one of them. Indeed, bad players should be welcomed as a route to a few easy dollars especially for those who know how to play against them.

Blaming bad players for losing often covers up the failings of those who simply weren’t good enough to beat an opponent on their own merits. Alternatively, bad players may actually be much better than those complaining realize and simply use their aggression to win hands that might normally be beyond them.

Everybody busts out at some time or other.


Players bust their accounts because of poor bankroll management. Even good players who know how to play poker well can often be the victims of failing to handle their cash correctly.

Playing at tables that are significantly above your limit will eat into your bankroll faster than bad luck or poor calls ever will. Every player who is serious about playing the game on a regular basis should understand that bankroll management is the key to a long and successful poker career.

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