Online Poker Cheats

The role of the cheat in online poker is probably much scarcer than some would lead you to believe. The use of poker robots has all but disappeared as even the cheats begin to realize how ineffective these pieces of poorly programmed software really are.

Advances in gaming software also makes robots much easier to detect than ever before and players who are found to be at the tables artificially are regularly being stripped of their accounts and their winnings.

It’s important to understand that honest players and online sites are both pulling in the same direction as far as cheats are concerned. The house realizes that a reputation for dishonest players will drive away legitimate customers fairly easily. Poker sites are almost obsessed about seeing money being stolen from their tables and their customers, so players that simply want to get on with playing the game legally and with fairness should always be assured that their site will be working alongside them to eliminate the greed and dishonesty of certain individuals.

In reality, cheating players rarely win. Many of their ideas are pea-brained scams that are easily detected by other players. More often than not, these ideas see the cheats lose money hand over fist as honest players beat their plans on the strengths of their own skills. Vigilant players can usually pick these types of players out quite quickly and pass their details on to site management, who will deal with the situation in the best way possible.

The real dangers to poker are the cheats that carry out their work to devastating effect. One of the biggest problems in the online game is that of collusion, where two or more players sitting at the same table are working together by communicating their hands to each other. Weak hands can easily be folded to allow the player with the best hole cards to stay in for the pot.

These individuals usually communicate by telephone or instant messenger; although wireless technology now means that some players can work together from the same room. Often, their methods are very intricate and these players will deliberately lose large amounts of money to each other to present an illusion of being entirely separate entities.

Honest players don’t realize that these players are simply playing from one big stack and the money these heats take from each other is simply returned when their profits are split at a later stage.

In the past, organized circles of cheats could stay undetected for weeks and months. Thankfully, the advances in software technology also make colluders very easy to pick up. Hand histories are regularly monitored by the software and if the same players are spending unreasonable amounts of time in the same room, their actions can be studied further.

Once a site is aware that players are colluding, accounts are immediately revoked and winnings are removed from them and returned to players that have been cheated by underhand tactics. Often, the house will pay back players from their own money as a gesture of goodwill if the cheats have managed to cash out. Either way, honest and legitimate customers are being properly cared for by their hosts.

One of the biggest problems that the house has to deal with is softplaying. Often, players who aren’t colluding may show respect to each other by virtue of their nationality, location or another influencing factor. Softplaying can often see big hands reap small pots as the mutual interests of two separate parties merge into one.

This causes isolation for other players at the table and more often than not, two softplayers will be the ones who stay at the table until the very end to share in the higher levels of prize money.

Multiple accounts continue to present problems for many online sites. Some individuals will register for tournaments using several different accounts and play them all simultaneously in an effort to increase their overall chances of winning. This is a particularly common form of cheating in large tournaments where multiple players are involved and although poker sites are much more aware of these players than they once were, multiple account users can sometimes be difficult to trace.

Poker Cheats for Online Gamblers

Hacking was once considered to be rife in online poker, but this has been rendered impossible by the developments in poker software. Hole cards are now only available to a remote PC and don’t return to a server until the showdown. Absolute Poker suffered a security breach when four players who had consistently lost in the past returned to the site to regularly beat professional players. Although much of this case remains shrouded in mystery, it’s still very apparent that some individuals had access to particular hand information that was used to make significant amounts of money.

Nobody likes a cheat, no matter which walk of life they enter into. Players are advised to be vigilant to these individuals and always work with their site managers to rid the game of dishonest players for good.