Why Choose Playtech Roulette?

Playtech offers a total of eight roulette variants at its online casinos. Of the eight, Premium Roulette Pro is the most advanced and sophisticated. For instance, there is a three dimensional view that is jam packed with features. Players have the option of doubling their bets with the click of the “Double” button. They can also spin again with the same bet selection utilizing the “Rebet and Spin” button.

Why Choose Playtech Roulette

The Graphical User Interface

When beginning to stop, the wheel appears on the screen. This function is to ensure the screen does not become cluttered and confusing but still holds the purpose of verifying a number when called. Also displayed on the screen is useful betting information such as the cover percentage and betting history.

Playtech Premium Roulette

This popular variant provides the use of the racetrack view next to the normal layout. This view displays the selected numbers in a series as they look on the wheel. The graphic is elongated like a racetrack as opposed to circular. This is a considerable help when placing call bets. If the cursor is moved from the call bets, the numbers are highlighted on the regular GUI. If you click on a call bet, chips are automatically distributed of the chosen denomination.

Types of Call Bets

The four most popular call bets are featured including, Voisins du Zero, the Tier bet, Orphelins and the Final bet. The Voisins du Zero bet is one in which the player places 9 chips across 17 numbers within the split, triple and corner bets. Payouts are calculated per individual wager.

The Tier bet is another that covers a whole sequence. In this case, 6 chips are placed across 12 numbers utilizing a split bet. The payout is 2 to 1. Orphelins covers 8 numbers with a single wager placed on the number 1 and 4 chips as a split bet. The Final bet occurs when a player wagers on a number from 0 to 9 with the bet covering all the numbers ending in the selected number. This bet has a single chip placed on each of the numbers and pays out normally.

The features found within the Playtech Roulette series are numerous. The excellent graphical user interface, the numerous call bets and the audio and visual places Playtech above and beyond their competitors and makes this one of the top ways to play roulette online.