How to Use Inside Bets in Online Roulette?

Roulette has grown into a very popular online gambling pastime, allowing you to test your lucky streak and see if you really can rake in the big bucks. Whilst the game is essentially one of chance, there are a variety of different bets that you can make which vary in risk and payout. Generally, the more risk of losing the bet, the better payout you’ll receive if you win. And if you want to maximize your winnings then using inside bets is a good way to do it.

Roulettes’ Main Betting Methods

There are two main forms of bets for roulette and the rules don’t differ for online games. You can decide to play the less risky but equally less lucrative outside bets, or take to the high stakes and place inside bets. 

Other betting methods, such as roulette call bets, also exist, but if you’re a newcomer to the game, learning the fundamentals of inside and outside bets first is paramount.

Inside Bets

Inside bets are named after where the bet is to be placed on the roulette wheel, and as a general rule this betting method uses smaller areas or single numbers to really push the payout higher. Though your chances of winning are significantly slashed by choosing just a small variation of winning possibilities, the payout is more rewarding than other forms of wagers. Straight Up bets are used where you want to just choose one number, whilst if you want to increase your chances slightly, using a Split bet will allow you to cover two numbers which are vertically or horizontally aligned. Meanwhile, Corner bets can cover four numbers in a square, Streets bets cover three numbers in one line, and a Six Line bet utilizes two adjacent Street bets.

Combination Play

As with most games, it’s important to use a combination of wagers to ensure that you have a well-rounded game. Using just inside bets is a very high strategy and, whilst you could win big occasionally, your losses are likely to outnumber your wins. However, by combining both inside and outside bets in your online roulette strategy, you’ll ensure that you game is as successful as possible. The easiest wagers in roulette are single bets on one of more numbers. However, roulette is a game in which the player has many betting options including the ability to place multiple bets. Typically, these bets cover a variety of number combinations. On the other hand, the wagers can cover numbers specific to that wager, known as cross-betting. Given these numerous types of wagers, it can be difficult to pinpoint which is most beneficial.
How to Use Inside Bets in Online Roulette

Cross-Betting in European Roulette

A simple example in European Roulette is when a player wagers $10 on red and $10 on odd numbers. Since there are 18 red and 18 odd numbers, a detailed classification is required. The first group contains numbers that are both odd and red which are 10. The second group contains red but no odd numbers which are 8. The third group contains odd but not red numbers which are 11. The final group only contains the number 0. If a number from the first group is rolled the player wins both the red and odd bets equaling $20. If a number from the second or third group is called the player only wins one bet which is even money. A number from the fourth group indicates the player losing both bets equating to $20. To summarize, the player can win $20 on 10 numbers, lose $20 on 11 numbers and break-even on 16 numbers.

Consistent Expected Return

All roulette players should recognize, regardless of the wager, the expected return over the long-term remains the same. If the player wagers on only a few numbers they have less of a chance to win but have the opportunity to win much more. On the other hand, if the player bets on several numbers they have a better chance of winning but less amount of money. Either way their expectation is the same.

Decline in Excitement with Cross-Betting

Therefore, by cross-betting the player breaks-even on more numbers but has a less chance of winning and losing. An individual with this objective should not be playing roulette as a big part of the game is engaging in the thrill. Cross-betting removes this enjoyment. To ensure you do not lose more than you can afford it is advantageous to adhere to preset wagering limits.

Roulette can be a fun game for which the excitement of risk is a major part. Cross-betting takes away this enjoyment by allowing you to break-even more than winning or losing. Therefore, cross-betting should be avoided because it sucks the life out the game.