Hollywood Poker Room Review

Hollywood Poker is where the many stars are hanging out and playing poker. You can actually see such stars as Oscar nominee James Woods and play poker against him as well as other players. But be forewarned – some of these stars are actually pretty good at playing, especially Woods.

In addition to finding the stars, you can also find some nice poker action in both the tournaments and poker rooms. As of now, there is a non-download version of Hollywood Poker which is available for Mac users. This site has the celebrities, the glamour and the glitz as well as some of the best poker games and tournaments around. Hollywood Poker is a small to medium sized poker site but expanding at a rapid rate due to a lot of media interest and promotional work.

Poker Games

Texas Holdem, Omaha, 7 card stud and even 5 card draw are available which is a rare commodity on most poker sites. You can find just about any variation of these games with the obligatory pot limit, no limit and limit games available. If you are looking to play against the celebrities, realize that they can usually be found at the high stakes tables.

With Texas holdem being the most popular poker game. Blinds are from: $0.05 – $0.10 cents a blind up to $50 – $100 a blind. You can play for free using $1000 free play money to get used to the site. If you are just starting out, you can find some poker lessons and tutorials that will help you improve your game.


When you first log in to Hollywood Poker everything looks a bit basic. The overall look of Hollywood Poker is not great. The graphics are old style and you can tell it’s a skin of the major software developers. Although the lobby has all the features you need in a poker client. The site itself could do with a major revamp on the look and feel of the tables and lobby.

There’s a choice of avatars that you can use including a sexy blond, a cowboy and an old grandma. There is also live chat features and a mute button just in case you are forced to listen/watch other ppl talk nonsense although a bit of banter is always good fun. Overall the software need improving. And due to the Hollywood Poker website getting a recent facelift I’m sure the poker software can’t be far behind.


There are a lot of star struck people who join the site who just out are looking for the stars and they may provide some easy competition for you. Because Hollywood Poker is a division of PokerNetwork, it draws a lot of traffic. Soft competition can mostly be found at the low stakes tables but beware of the sharks, as they are about due to the high traffic volumes.


There are lots of freerolls at the tournaments which entices more and more players. There is a regular list of Sit N Go tournaments as well as specials which you can count in the thousands of players.

There are “Red Carpet” Freerolls for new players. and over $14 Million in Guaranteed Tournaments every month including the ones listed below. So you can see despite the ugly graphics there’s plenty of poker action to be had :).

·         Celebrity classics with $2000 bounties on the heads of celebrities.

·         Michael Woods Celebrity Invitational with $300,000 in Celebrity bounties

·         Canadian Poker Night with $100,000 in Celebrity bounties

·         The Big Deal with $150,000 Guaranteed on Sundays

·        Hollywood Pokers $750,000 Guaranteed Grand event at the end of every month.

Hollywood Poker - Review


Hollywood Poker give some of the biggest poker bonus deals available online. There are 8 different factions to the bonus. Suitable for small time gamblers up to big hitters and professionals. Hollywood Poker caters to everyone. Most poker sites give you up to 100 percent and some not even that. Hollywood Poker give you massive 1000% bonus deals, see below.

·         200% up to $50 – Green Horn Poker Bonus

·         200% up to $100 – Casual Player Bonus

·         200% up to $200 – Entertainment Bonus

·         500% up to $500 – Poker Tournament Bonus

·         600% up to $750 – Poker Enthusiast Bonus

·         600% up to $1500 – Poker Fanatic Bonus

·         1000% up to $2500 – Poker Maniac Bonus

·         1000% up to $5000 – Pro Players bonus.

Your deposit match will depend upon the type of stakes you want to play at. Plus, all poker bonuses come with 1 free tournament entry and the top 2 bonuses come with a free Ipod nano. One of the more interesting aspects of this site is that you can get $5000 instantly if you get a Royal Straight Flush, which is the top hand to get in poker.

All in all, the incentives and poker bonuses are what make Hollywood Poker so appealing. And the fact Hollywood Poker is part of a poker network helps build the player base.